When young people step into the world of a CAT dramatic story, they become actors, not just observers. They shape and re-shape the lives of characters faced with ordinary – and extraordinary – challenges.
Most important, they learn concrete skills they can reapply in their own lives.
What happens when we rely on habits, perceptions and assumptions without knowing the facts? Conflict is at the heart of all drama that CAT uses to raise the questions we may not be asking of ourselves and our community.  The human experience is very complex in this fast-paced, ever-changing world and there is no way around it; however there are skills that help us navigate the challenges and attain positive growth and progress.
Through interactive drama strategies, CAT captures a panoramic view of our society and zooms in on specific issues and behaviors that create obstacles in our lives. These workshops encourage participants to carefully examine the choices, decisions and consequences of everyday challenges.  The end goal is to raise awareness and to promote problem solving,  decision-making and self-advocacy skills that will build the confidence of every participant.


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