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Based on increased interest in CAT’s successful model, the Early Learning Program has provided both direct services and professional development to teachers and students in national and international schools. CAT’s Early Learning Program has been invited to lead workshops and residencies across and outside the country and inspired a number of articles and educational research projects.   

Art of the Story Aids Literacy Education by Matthew Tungate, Kentucky Teacher.  Program director, Helen Wheelock, led interactive storytelling workshops as part of the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts and the Kentucky Department of Education’s Next Generation Academies 2012.

WWO Orphan Ranger Program: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2012 - Final Report on Helen’s trip to Ethiopia, in partnership with Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

CUNY/Creative Arts Team & United Arab Emirates University Partnership:

Helen’s 2008 blog about the first year of CAT’s Early Learning partnership with the United Arab Emirates University.

2010 Applied Theatre Institute Report

2011 Drama in the Classroom: Graduate Certificate Program Report 

"West Side Meets Middle East: A Story of Cultural Rapport" by Helen Wheelock in Incite/Excite - American Alliance for Theatre & Education

Scholarly Publications:

CAT will be explored in "Walking the Tightrope: The Complex Demands of Funded Partnerships," a chapter written by Helen Wheelock, in the upcoming 3rd edition of Learning Through Theatre: The Changing Face of Theatre in Education, edited by Tony Jackson and Chris Vine.  The chapter on CAT focuses on programmatic and funding partnerships and the strategies CAT has used to thrive through collaboration.  The article addresses the Early Learning Program’s continual adaptations over the years. 


Three scholarly investigations of CAT’s Early Learning program:

Early Learning Program Reporting


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