STNYC: Applied Theater Meets Sound Design

by Paola C. Messina

Reimagining ‘Pro’ Tools – Applied Theater Meets Sound Design

On December 1st, CAT Actor-Teacher Dahlia Ramsay and I co-facilitated a workshop which integrated learning on Pro Tools, the digital audio workstation (DAW) that Sound Thinkers had worked on during the summer, and applied theater. All activities engaged with the overarching question – What is your relationship to the technology we’re using in music and audio production?

Sound Thinkers Angie, Taysia and Sharon participated in several activities such as Sound Thinking Bingo and Relay, “My Boo Pro Tools” and “The Great British Sound Off” technical challenge. Yes, the latter is a spin-off of the endearing BBC and Channel 4 series about amateur British bakers. Sound Thinkers showed they were hardly amateur, however, and used urban sounds they recorded to create a musical track and then designed sound suitable for a country-scape.

We asked our students what they felt about ProTools following the workshop. Here’s what they had to say:

“Working with other peers, helping each other remember the skills learned in ProTools.” – Angie R.

“It was different. It was fun. I hadn’t done something like this before.” - Sharon A. 

“I communicated internally with myself to troubleshoot and calm myself when frustrated.” – Taysia F.


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