by Paola C. Messina

Sound Thinkers in BRIC’s ‘House’: Podcasting & Broadcasting!

On Saturday, November 17th, a group of Sound Thinkers participated in a podcasting and storytelling workshop at BRIC Arts Media in Brooklyn.

Inspired following an afternoon of storytelling and podcasting. Standing, L to R: Annie Malamet, Sachar Mathias, Lucie B., Nia B., Cristal R., Celines H., Paola C. Messina, Emily Boghossian, Keisha Dutes, Joanna S., and Angie R (Photo by BRIC)

BRIC offers free cultural programming to hundreds of thousands of people during the year, featuring content produced by artists and media-makers from diverse backgrounds, working in a range of creative and innovative fields. Some of BRIC’s renowned programs include BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival in Prospect Park, Brooklyn Free Speech, Brooklyn’s Public Access initiative, and more.

The podcast network BRIC Radio – a recent addition to the line-up – was the vision of BRIC’s Supervising Producer Sachar Mathias, who participated as a mentor on our Summer Intensive panel.  

The Sound Thinking team and cohort would like to thank Sachar Mathias, Emily Boghossian and workshop facilitators Keisha Dutes and Annie Malamet for organizing and leading such an incredible afternoon of podcast-making!











Preparing for interviews and ambient sound collecting
Celines H. and Joanna S. / Nia B. and Lucie B. (Photos by Paola C Messina)

In pairs and equipped with field-recording equipment, participants agreed on a theme and style of podcast to focus on before roaming the streets around BRIC to collect interviews, ambience (‘ambi’) sounds and other interesting audio.

In fact, the product of their creativity and efforts on the streets of Brooklyn can be heard here!

You can also follow BRIC Radio’s podcast “Brooklyn, USA"

Angie R. and Cristal R. (Photo by BRIC)

Check out a few of our cohort-member reflections from the BRIC Podcasting workshop:

"I'm someone who doesn't love talking to strangers, but as time went on I got more comfortable asking people questions and engaging in conversation. It was a good way to step out of my comfort zone and try something new + fun. I'd 100% do it again!" - Lucie B.

"I was so interested in recording and experimenting with audio equipment for podcasting... [a highlight was] "going outside to record ambi sounds and experiment with audio equipment." - Angie R.

"I absolutely loved learning about the equipment and telling a story using sounds" - Cristal R.

"I really enjoyed the workshop & learned a lot and am inspired to try doing more on my own! I wish we could've been on the street for a longer amount of time!" - Nia B.

"I really liked using the mics and interviewing people" - Joanna S.

"Overall the workshop was a fun and different experience... I learned how to step up the audio mics and when to accommodate to different tone of voices" - Celines H.


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