STNYC: Guitar Mash

by Annalise Jaffe

Through Sound Thinking NYC, I was able to participate in Guitar Mash at City Winery, an incredible venue in Soho, and even lead a song with fellow teens. Guitar Mash is a communal event. Hundreds of people gather together and play and sing songs on guitar while highly acclaimed musicians lead them.

My namesake and feminist icon, Ani DiFranco, led one of the songs. As part of the teen group, we were able to have an interview session with Ani DiFranco. I asked her questions about the record label she founded, activism, and the process of writing songs. After the interview, different musicians came on stage ranging from reggae, blues, and folk artists. I was able to bring my mother who lives in Virginia to see me and her idol, Ani Difranco, play. My mother adores sing-alongs so having her join us made the day that much more special. It was so beautiful to hear the rumble of guitars playing together. It was a truly fun experience, both the musicians and the crowd seemed to feel completely in their element.


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