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Sound Thinkers <3 Alice By Heart

Sound Thinking NYC was invited to participate in MCC's first Partner Performance in their Newman-Mills space! Needless to say, our young women loved the show! They loved the songs so much when we reached the door following the musical each of them were already eager to purchase the soundtrack! 

Here's the blurb from MCC on Alice By Heart:

When the madness of the world is too much to bear, we take refuge in the stories we love. Tony® and Grammy® award-winning creators of Spring Awakening, STEVEN SATER and DUNCAN SHEIK, reunite for their new musical Alice By Heart, inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and directed and co-written by JESSIE NELSON (Waitress).

In the rubble of the London Blitz of World War II, Alice Spencer’s budding teen life is turned upside down, and she and her dear friend Alfred are forced to take shelter in an underground tube station. When the ailing Alfred is quarantined, Alice encourages him to escape with her into their cherished book and journey down the rabbit hole to  they travel through the tale Alice By Heart explores the poignancy of first love, coming to terms with loss, and finding the courage to move forward. This world premiere musical encourages us all to celebrate the transformational power of the imagination, even in the harshest of times.

Everyone should check out this show! According to our Sound Thinkers, it may just be the next big musical out! 

Thanks to Denise Hughes (CAT & MAAT Alum!) and Carrie Azano of MCC for the invitation! 


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