STNYC: Reflection: Composing Your Pitch

By Kailee-Jade Berrios

Reflecting on STNYC’s Composing Your Pitch & Portfolio Workshop

The pitch and portfolio workshop was very informative and also very fun. It didn’t really feel like one of those workshops where you have to sit down and take notes on a PowerPoint they give you. This was very hands on and we were up on our feet. It reminded me of back when we were in the Sound Thinking Summer Intensive. In the workshop we got a chance to talk about professionalism and what that really symbolizes. At first we each recorded ourselves saying what we might say in an interview or to someone wanting to hire us at a high firm. In my pitch I spoke about being into musical theatre and wanting work in that environment. After we were done recording our pitches we all got to together and watched a little skit of how this one character, Sasha, performed by CAT Actor-Teacher Jen, was offered an opportunity to produce for an musical artist like Sza. In Sasha’s pitch, she didn’t really sound like she was talking to an adult, but more like a friend – in other words, she lacked professionalism when talking to an employer. She said words like, “Um” and “Like” over and again, and she also admitted to refusing to check her emails, preferring communication from her mentor and employers by text.

(Photo: Sound Thinkers listen on during the workshop lead by Temesgen Tocruray and Jennifer Gil)

Watching Sasha we thought about the ways we’d want to present ourselves to others, and realized it’s important to be thoughtful about what you say, to know yourself and your strengths, and be reliable by checking email and responding to people (mentors and job offers) in a respectful amount of time. Temesgen and Jenn helped us practice what we should say and shouldn’t say in our pitches. Also in the skit they talked about how social media makes a person seem based on what they post online so we talked about how we can make social media more appropriate in the business world. Making a private social media account–your personal pictures, friends, family, inspirational quotes, etc., can be there while your business profile is a perfect way to let professionals see your work and how serious and determined you are.

Lastly at the end of our workshop we recorded our pitches again. Now that we had the facts and tips to help make a professional pitch, our pitches were better than the first. This workshop gave us a lot of facts, tips, as well as websites on how we can improve and make our pitch better than the first one. I’m really glad that I went and now I can use this information and even help others with making their pitches.

(Photo: Hilary C. celebrated her birthday during the workshop!) 


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