Young Adult Literacy Technical Assistance

FY2019 was CAT’s fifth and final year as Technical Assistance Provider for 16 Young Adult Literacy Programs (YALP) across all 5 boroughs. The overarching goals were to offer support and training in program and curriculum design, student recruitment and retention, partnership facilitation, and dissemination of best practices.

YALP sites provided programs for Pre-HSE youth—overaged, under-credited youth (16-24 year-olds reading at a 4th grade level), to put them on track for improving their skills and passing the High School Equivalency exam.

CAT's approach was to integrate positive youth development principles, social emotional learning competencies, and employing service learning and relevant curriculum content at all YALP sites and, in FY16, saw a 12% overall increase in participants, a 118% increase in student participation in Service Learning and/or internships across sites; 70% of the students gained at least one grade level or more.


FY2017 Impact

  • 539 YALP Practitioners & Young Adults  from 16 Sites
  • 226 YALTA Workshops, Events & Observations

100% of participating Young Adult Literacy Providers said they were able to apply what they learned in their own classrooms and that the workshops helped them address the diverse learning needs of their students.

What YALTA Participants are saying:

“These services were invaluable to the success of our programs. We had super talented individuals who share the same passion for our students to succeed.”

“All of our staff have found the CUNY LST workshops to be very useful. We also find brainstorming and planning with Erika to be fruitful, and enjoy learning from other program sites.”

“CUNY has brought a creative approach to case management which allows staff to utilize individual talents which produce positive outcomes.”

“You gave me innovative ways to teach literacy and math.”

“You provided a different perspective in social support and educational strategies.”

“A personal aha moment I had during the workshop was coming to the realization that whether you are the student or the staff member, everyone has to work to understand who they are and how that may affect the work they do and how they interact with others. Being aware of how a person presents oneself personally and in their work allows the quality of work to be enhanced and for staff to relate on a greater level to their students.”


Participating Young Adult Literacy Programs

Young Adult Literacy Programs are Supported by

Additional Technical Assistance provided by Workforce Development Training Institute (WPTI)


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