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The CUNY-Creative Arts Team has been deeply committed to serving communities in New York City for 42 years. Like the NYC Department of Education, and all of CUNY, we take pride in the diversity of our city, celebrate longtime residents and welcome new immigrants. They make New York strong and vibrant. We will continue to do all that we can to support, honor and protect all of our residents.


On January 29th, CUNY Chancellor James B. Milliken issued a statement on the Executive Order that, as part of CUNY, we are proud to support and align with:

Our commitment to protecting and supporting our students, regardless of their immigration status, is unwavering and includes the following:

  • CUNY will take no action to assist in the enforcement of the immigration laws except as required by law;
  • CUNY will protect student record information in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act;
  • CUNY will not turn over student information to immigration enforcement authorities except pursuant to court order;
  • CUNY will not request or gather information about students’ citizenship or immigration status in the course of providing educational or other services or in connection with public safety activities except as required in connection with tuition or financial aid eligibility; and
  • CUNY will not permit immigration enforcement officials to enter its campuses except to the extent required by a warrant or court order.


The CUNY Board of Trustees has also issued a statement:

"The City University of New York was founded on the principle of equal access and opportunity. CUNY’s commitment to protecting and supporting our students, regardless of immigration status, has not wavered throughout its 170-year existence.

Our nation would not have attained its level of greatness without the contributions of the thousands of students who have attended CUNY. About 40 percent of current CUNY undergraduates were born in another country, and like the diverse alumni who came before them, our students are committed to continuing the CUNY legacy of building a greater society for all." more ->


Click here to see CUNY's Immigration Policy Changes Information


For Research Foundation of CUNY Employees:

CUNY Citizenship Now! Office Offering Resources to RFCUNY Employees


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