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The Sound Thinking NYC program will engage 250 students over the next three years in a multifaceted program. The program launches in July 2018 with a three-week full day summer camp for 50 students about to enter 11th grade. Sound Thinking NYC includes curriculum that is focused on multiple components related to career pathways in the music industry, including the technology of sound production, the creation of songs and soundtracks, and skills related to leadership training, goal setting, workforce development and college readiness. The program has an overall emphasis on using applied theatre strategies for building leadership skills. In addition, education consultants will deliver components of the program focused on music production and technology. The program is part of CAT’s overall commitment to positive youth development programming. For more about the program, visit www.SoundThinkingNYC.org.
Sound Thinking NYC Project Director: For immediate hire. The Project Director of Sound Thinking NYC reports directly to CAT’s College and Adult Program Director (CAP) and will collaborate closely with the CAP director and with the CAT Executive Director in developing and launching this new program. 
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Sound Thinking NYC Project Manager: For immediate hire. The Project Manager of Sound Thinking NYC reports directly to the Project Director, who is a part of CAT’s College and Adult Program (CAP). The Program manager will collaborate closely with the CAP director and with the CAT Executive Director in developing and launching this new program.
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Administrative Coordinator, K-16 Initiatives
CUNY K-16 Initiatives encompass multiple programs with a common purpose, to increase NYC public school students’ college access and success, facilitating their transition to post-secondary education and careers.  The Administrative Coordinator position provides administrative support to the staff and programs of K-16 Initiatives, working primarily with the Creative Arts Team (CAT), an arts-in-education division of CUNY. This position reports to the Executive Director of the Creative Arts Team and the Director of Finance and Administration for K-16. The Administrative Coordinator’s work location will be primarily at CAT’s office on West 31st Street in Manhattan, but will also involve approximately one day per week at the K-16 offices at 16 Court Street in Brooklyn.
The Administrative Coordinator’s job duties and responsibilities include (click here for full list):
Account and budget oversight

  • Assist with review of account-level expenses for internal tracking and reports required by programs and funders.
  • Prepare regular reports for multiple programs and accounts, with receivables and expenses.
  • Monitor consistency between program budgets and actual expenditures.
  • Prepare invoices to a variety of funding sources.
  • Assist in collecting information required for funder site visits and reports to funders
  • Maintain updated accounts receivable reports by program.

Procurement and payables

  • Request proposals and quotes from vendors; submit invoices and supporting documentation to budget office for payment
  • Assist with development of consultant contracts, purchase orders and orders
  • Maintain inventory and records of orders and payments, by program area and account

Human Resources

  • Manage timesheet processing, from collecting and verifying timesheets, submitting to budget office, troubleshooting any payroll issues and confirming payroll account balances
  • Inform budget office of changes in employee status (hiring, pay increases, termination)
  • Coordinate hiring process for new staff, including pre-employment paperwork and on-boarding appointment with the budget office
  • Maintain personnel records

Liaison between CAT program staff and budget office

  • Participate in development of administrative policies and documentation
  • Assist staff in adhering to policies and accessing required documents
  • Process and track requests for purchases of materials and services, following purchasing guidelines appropriate for the funding source

Other Duties

  • Assist CAT’s Executive Director and the Director of Finance and Administration in maintaining complete records of grants and contracts.
  • Perform operations, administrative, and other work as needed to support CAT and K-16 Initiatives.
  • Participate in training and supervision of work study students in budgetary support roles.

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The Literacy through Drama High School team is made up of 8 Actor-Teachers who work in 6 schools around New York City. Working in duos, the Actor-Teachers partner with English teachers to create drama-based curriculum that supports higher order literacy skills and explores issues of importance to the young people. These issues have included college readiness, gentrification, social protest, sexual consent, and racism. Focus is placed on social and emotional learning as well as practical problem solving. Counselor Advocates work one-on-one with particular young people to offer additional support wherever they may need it.
Responsibilities will include:
- Identifying participant issues and facilitate access to relevant supports, both inside and outside of school.
- Case-management:

  • Provide a holistic assessment of the participant’s strengths and needs and development in an Individual Service Plan (ISP).
  • Ensure the implementation of the ISP.
  • Regularly review the ISP to assess whether goals have been met or need to be changed.
  • Follow-up to insure that the participant has received requested services.

- One-on-One Meetings:

  • Counselor Advocate will meet with participants once every four weeks and more frequently if needed during the period of service.
  • Each meeting will be documented with written progress notes. Progress notes would present an assessment of the needs and strengths of the participant, an objective account of the interaction, and a plan for meeting the specific goals in the ISP.

- Managing School Relationships:

  • The Counselor Advocate will maintain regular contact with school personnel and will work with agency-identified linkage partners and other appropriate organizations and refer participants as needed.

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About CASA: Through an award from New York City Councilmembers, we provide after-school theatre based programming for DOE students across New York in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx. We work in two-facilitator teams with the young people (3-12th grade) to create performances based on their ideas, interests and observations of the world around them. Our final session is a chance to share the young people’s work with the school community, families and City Council Members.
We are looking for Facilitators to run sessions 2-4 afternoons per week
Population: Elementary, Middle & High School Students
Time Frame:

  • After-school (approximately 2:30pm to 5pm)
  • 24 sessions; two 12-week cycles; approx. 2 hours per session; final session is extended for a sharing
  • Once per week (on the same day) in each school
  • After-school sessions begin Early October 2017 & end (at the latest) mid-June 2018
  • There will be weekly training/planning sessions at CAT Midtown Offices (Tuesday mornings)

Content: Playbuilding Model:

  • Facilitating group building activities & discussions
  • Theatre skill-building
  • Devising theatre based the young people’s ideas and reflections on the world
  • Assembling and directing performative creations with participants
  • Facilitating a brief performative sharing at the end of each 12 week residency

Training/Planning Schedule:

  • Weekly CASA In-Office Days: Tuesdays 9am – 1pm during your residencies; *Oct 31: 9am – 3pm
  • Future CASA Team Trainings: Jan 3, 4, 5 (10 – 4pm)

To Apply: Send an email with the subject line “CASA Facilitator– [Your Name]” to Shamilia McBean, CASA Project Director 
Please include: the weekday afternoons you’re available for afterschool facilitation & your resume.
We will be scheduling appointments for Interview/Artistic Review immediately.


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