At the heart of CAT is our firm commitment to inspire youth to learn how to learn – a commitment that fuels our mission and unique CATalyst© Approach of interactive, issue-based drama.
The CATalyst© Approach applies drama principles, adapted to the unique environment of each classroom or community, to inspire participants to discover and foster their ability to learn. Our programs engage students and develop three life skills that are vital for them to reach their full potential:

  • Literacy
  • Critical thinking
  • Social-emotional competency

With more than 38 years of experience working with New York City youth, CAT’s approach is internationally recognized as a model of educational innovation and effective learning.
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What is Educational Drama?
Educational drama is both an aesthetic activity and a tool for learning.  It is one of the few genuinely democratic teaching methods: the emphasis is on active engagement rather than observation, and its aim is empowerment through participation.  The pupils are at the center of the learning process and the role of the teacher is to stimulate, structure, challenge, and develop his or her contribution – not impose upon it!
Educational drama is the only active teaching method which extends right across the curriculum to facilitate and deepen the whole learning process. At its heart are the development of personal understanding, decision making, communication skills and social activity.  It is an essential tool in the teaching of oracy and stands with literacy and numeracy at the core of education.
- Chris Vine


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