CAT’s programs have a documented positive impact on three key life skills: literacy, critical thinking, and social-emotional competency. 
Engagement & Achievement

  • IMPROVED LITERACY: 73% of our middle grades literacy initiative students reached literacy proficiency.
  • IMPROVED CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS: 75% of teachers reported an increase in their non-traditional students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • HIGHER RETENTION: 60% of Youth Theatre members participate for 2 or more years, nearly twice the national average rate of multi-year retention for older youth in after-school programs.
  • SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT: 94% of Shakespeare Festival teachers reported an increase in their students’ self-expression, empathy, ability to collaborate and solve problems creatively.
  • CALLS TO ACTION: 20% of HIV prevention program participants sought HIV/STI testing.
  • PARENT ENGAGEMENT: 100% of Parent Workshop participants said CAT helped them better understand their child’s development and felt more prepared to talk to their children about sensitive issues.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: 97% of participating teachers said our workshops helped them address diverse learning needs in their classrooms.

“From concept to completion, CAT was truly professional, committed to making sure the program was a success. I had no idea the program would be so extensive, and tailored to fit our school's needs.”
- School Administrator
“I come to CAT for the chance to create real, powerful, raw theater for a purpose - a chance I couldn’t get anywhere else in NYC.”
- Youth Theatre Member
“CAT helped our students think about the economic consequences of NOT going to college.”
- High School Teacher
“I began to notice that I was not only helping the organization by completing the tasks I was given, but the program was also changing me.”
- CHANGE Agent
“I was thoroughly impressed by CAT’s training, the support from the teaching artists, and the way my students grew as a result of their experience.”
- Shakespeare Festival Teacher
“So many of the activities encouraged teamwork and positive peer interactions… the interplay between the students was great to see. I think they really learned how to work together and be tolerant.”
- NYC Teacher
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