Feedback from some of the people whose lives CAT touches.

Young People

  • I learned that growing up, we have to take responsibility for our decisions. –High School Student
  • The thing that surprised me [about CAT’s Shakespeare program] was that everybody had to show lots of emotion to what they’re saying. You have to understand Shakespeare’s language to be able to perform it. -4th Grade Student
  • Since being in this class, I notice that I understand texts better and have more of an interest in reading. –Middle school student
  • I discovered that I am capable of leading others into a vision that I have. I found this out by having my mind pushed to the limits. –Middle school student
  • The Youth Theatre has become not only an extra-curricular activity for me, but also a family. –Youth Theatre member


  • An ELL student who rarely speaks has become much more actively involved in our circle times, participating more regularly since Ms. Helen [CAT Actor-Teacher] has started coming. –Preschool teacher
  • One of our autistic students does not like to pretend. However, he acted out the story and actually enjoyed it! –Preschool teacher
  • I love your practical approach. I always come away with something I can use now! - Elementary school teacher
  • This workshop encouraged me to go deeper and take more risks. –High school teacher
  • The Shakespeare Festival was a positive influence on the lives of my 30 NYC teenagers. They will never forget this experience. They learned not only about the wonders of theatre and performance, but also about the importance of collaboration. With all my heart, I send you the most sincere thanks and gratitude for allowing my class to have this wonderful theatre experience. –High school teacher
  • Once again, CAT succeeded in building positive relationships with adult learners, and in helping them frame and reframe their understandings of themselves and their abilities. –Donna Linderman, University Director, CUNY Accelerated Study in Associate Programs
  • Students detained at Rikers Island do not have many opportunities to engage in arts activities. During CAT workshops, they engage in role-plays, create characters and express themselves, or they share their ideas by writing poetry. All of the activities rendered by CAT support pro-social development and compliment academic objectives, helping to make the arts a valuable part of our educational program. –Francis A. Torres, Executive Director of Educational Services, NYC Department of Correction


  • I can honestly say that I have learned something new today. –Grandparent

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