Mícheál Curtin

Program Director,
Learning Through Drama

Mícheál worked as an Actor-Teacher for Literacy through Drama for two years before becoming Project Director. With CAT, he has worked with young people of all ages, including as a Teaching Artist with the NYC Student Shakespeare Festival, and as an Associate Director with the CAT Youth Theatre. Mícheál co-founded the Queer Youth Theater with Joey Schultz, an afterschool drama program for LGBTQIA young people at a youth center in Manhattan. Mícheál has worked with young people in correctional facilities around New York, and alongside organizers for immigrants’ rights in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

He is a speaker of Irish Gaelic and frequently works in Ireland with educators, community organizers, and young people to teach the language and halt its decline. He is a graduate of the M.A. in Applied Theatre at the CUNY School of Professional Studies. He lives in his native Brooklyn with his husband Sheldon.


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