CHERISH (Changing Habits, Environments, Relationships in Sexual Health) is CAT's newest educational outreach initiative.

Mission: CHERISH promotes adolescent female sexual health and HIV/STI prevention, particularly for women of color.

Vision: The initiative draws on the dominant African and Afro-Caribbean cultural expressions in the communities that revere the female body as sacred. At the heart of our mission are the following questions: "How do we celebrate ourselves as women?" "How do we begin to have empowering conversations about sexual health and HIV in our communities?" "How do we as young women of color educate ourselves and others about living healthy lifestyles?" Our CHERISH workshops will create opportunities for reclaiming our strength as women of color in the face of HIV/AIDS.

Motto: "embrace are a gift!"





CLICK HERE to apply to become a CHANGE or CHERISH Agent!


CHERISH is part of the Empowered Community Grants Program:

Earlier this year, fourteen-time Grammy Award-winning artist and HIV advocate Alicia Keys teamed up with Greater Than AIDS to create EMPOWERED, an ongoing public information campaign to reach women in the U.S. about HIV/AIDS. As part of the campaign, Alicia and AIDS United are spearheading the EMPOWERED Community Grants Program to help advance efforts focused on women and HIV/AIDS. We are proud to announce that CUNY Creative Arts Team is one of four national organizations to receive this prestigious grant!


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