by Kailee-Jade Berrios

Amazing, HILARIOUS, touching, and so much more. This show was just fantastic and I never would have known! One thing I found interesting was it wasn’t just a regular show with a stage and music. They made a big room their own stage. In a hilarious way too I might add, the actors didn’t just play their part, they each had their own way to express their characters.

From L to R: Simone R., Merritt Janson, Kailee-Jade Berrios (Photo by Ah-Keisha McCants)

The show was about a girl named Hermia who loved a boy named Lysander who her father, Egeus, didn’t approve. He approved of a guy named Demetrius who loved Hermia, but who Hermia’s friend Helena loved instead. It all went haywire from there giving me a heart-struck feeling that I haven’t felt in a while!

Before the show started the performers were in the center of the eclectic set and just started jamming to music and welcoming everybody. I loved when they interacted with the audience as if we were part of the story. Every moment of every second I laughed so hard I was tearing up. I really couldn’t get enough of the comedy. As I’m writing this I’m smiling with joy because it was just so much fun. 

L to R: David Ryan Smith, Simone R., and Kailee-Jade Berrios (Photo by Ah-Keisha McCants)

At the end of the show we got to meet with the actors, take pictures, and get their autographs. Did I mention that we also danced with them in the beginning and end of the show! I just loved how A Midsummer Night’s Dream all came together— it was just spectacular, no question, five stars!


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